Volcán de Fuego

       Years ago we caught a vision to end malnutrition and hunger around the world through crisis relief and sustainable improvements. It was a huge task, but with heart in hand and a willingness to work, we knew that change could happen in our lifetime.

        Born out of our sister company Javesca Coffee, which supports hunger relief from premium coffee sales, we have had the opportunity to serve on mission in places like Guatemala. There in the midst of overgrown ceiba trees, smiling faces, coffee plantations and breathtaking views we encountered beautiful people who were impoverished, respectful, loving, and full of life.

        Our time in Guatemala was seasoned by the sweet people we met, in orphanages and villages we got to serve, and the hospitality that was over and over again bestowed upon us. Together, with your support, we have hosted large-scale food distributions in Guatemala. In February, we distributed 8,200 pounds of food to 470 families in 4 villages. That alone fed 2,350 people for over 2 weeks!

        As you might expect the recent news of Volcán de Fuego’s initial eruption and subsequent damage, has created an ache in our hearts for a people who have become more like family. The pain for our friends and brothers in Guatemala compels us, as we watch from afar the impact of this massive volcanic eruption.

        At this point, authorities have confirmed that this eruption is the deadliest volcano eruption in Guatemala in over a century. An estimated 1.9 million people have been affected by the disaster according to Guatemala’s National Disaster Management Agency and many have suffered from the loss of loved ones and property.

        The effects on this country’s health, food and economy will persist long term. Guatemala is hurting, but we still believe that our original vision can cut through this darkness and bring hope and relief.

        We know that food insecurity will persist long after these first days and weeks but we are in this for the long haul. We care deeply about this need and we believe that together, we can help the people of Guatemala.

        We hope to show this country our love and support by providing more than 100,000 meals to those in need. To accomplish this goal we’re trying to raise $10,000 to send to our partners on the ground in Guatemala.

        As we’ve been gripped by sorrow over what is taking place in Guatemala and compelled forward to help, we’ve also been strengthened with the truth of who we are in accordance with who God is. We know that God has established us in this place, with partners positioned just miles from the disaster, for such a time as this. Because of that, we will continue to provide essential resources through our already established partnerships in Guatemala to feed and care for these broken, hurting people long after initial relief aid is gone.

        In addition to your valued prayers, please consider partnering with us for continued monthly support. We will keep you informed of the difference we make together.

100% of donations made in the next two weeks will go to Javesca Feeds partners in Guatemala who will bring food relief to people who are unable to help themselves during this time.  

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