Meet our sister company Javesca Coffee!

Buy Coffee. Feed the World.

This is not a catch phrase for Javesca. It is our mission. For every bag of coffee sold, Javesca will purchase four meals of food to help those throughout the world who have little to no food. Our goal is simple – to provide the best coffee and together end unnecessary hunger. The concept for Javesca was born from years of mission trips providing food for poverty stricken people in Guatemala. While there, Craig and Marilyn Bollinger were served the best coffee they had ever tasted. They were struck by the idea that sharing amazing coffees from around the world could be the catalyst for feeding many people.

From Missions to Coffee

For years our co-founders have traveled with mission teams to volunteer and provide aid to the poverty stricken citizens in Guatemala. During our trips we found one of the best coffees we have ever tasted and in a location we found absolutely stunning. Antigua, Guatemala is known for its great coffee growing and from our first taste of the coffee, we knew that was the coffee God wanted to use to make a difference.

Every Bag Provides Four Meals

From those trips and one amazing coffee, Javesca was born with the mission to help those that do not have meals, nutrition, or food necessary for daily survival. Our desire is to help by providing something many people already use every day; a great cup of coffee. The mission is simple, we want to help put an end to world hunger no matter the region, location, need, or background. For every bag of coffee that is sold four meals of food are provided to a front line feeding organization that is in place and making an impact in a needy region, community, household, and child.

Our Goal… Everyone is Fed.

Our goal is to help people make a difference and show compassion to others by having all us do something we already do every day; drink a great cup of coffee. For every bag of coffee you buy, cup you drink, and donation that is given you are a part of the Javesca mission and movement to make a difference. You can see the counter go up daily as people are taking action and lives are being changed.