Javesca Feeds helps to end hunger and malnutrition in the United States and around the world through crisis relief and sustainable improvements. Our vision is simple… Everyone is fed.

Ongoing Feeding Efforts

At Javesca Feeds we believe in making a lasting impact on food insecurity, malnutrition and starvation in the United States and around the world. That’s why wherever we work to end hunger, we develop local partnerships with organizations on the ground to buy food locally and provide it to the children and families in the communities served. They build relationships and serve in their community. Buying food from the local farms and businesses benefits the farm workers and the local economy. The impact on the community is multiplied when the local farms and businesses are able to continue to provide jobs and resources! We seek to make sustainable changes in communities through ongoing feeding efforts and impact through our partners to ensure that your generosity can have an enduring presence. 

Large-Scale Food Distributions

While we strive to create a sustainable impact wherever we are working, there are times when hunger doesn’t wait and there are urgent needs that must be met. That is why Javesca Feeds keeps a close eye on the impoverished areas and food deserts where we serve. Our partners are poised to go and distribute food to expand relief for families or to meet the crisis needs of the people in these locations when the need arises. Periodically Javesca Feeds teams serve on mission in these communities and participate with our partners in high-impact feedings there.


  • We currently provide ~750 meals daily on average in North Carolina, Burundi, Guatemala, and Cambodia.
  • During COVID-19 pandemic, donations helped us provide crisis relief to continue providing thousands of meals to families when schools, businesses, and borders closed and families had to stay at home.
  • We work with and sustain lasting partnerships with local, trustworthy Christian organizations already established in hunger-stricken communities.
  • We maintain an enduring presence in the communities served and strive to help them grow in self-sufficiency over time.
  • Our front-line partners purchase food from within their local communities, which supports their local economy and extends the positive impact as people are fed and nurtured physically and spiritually.


These are the people that wake up every morning thinking about how to make sure everyone is fed.

Patti Manolakis

Board Chair

Craig Bollinger

Board Vice Chair

Lucas Beatty
James Price
Laurie McSpadden