Our goal in Guatemala is simple. Everyone is fed. 

Ongoing Feeding Efforts In Guatemala

La Promesa School and Odres Nuevos Church

Javesca Feeds is pleased to support the ongoing feeding of children in a small school in Chimaltenango, Guatemala.  In partnership with La Promesa School and Odres Nuevos, a church in this impoverished town, Javesca Feeds has committed funding to ensure that each child in this school will receive a nutritious meal every day. Many of the families who live here struggle to provide resource to feed and care for their families. We encounter heartbreaking stories of children spending long days with little supervision and without food, while parents work to try to provide for them. The cycle of poverty is difficult to break, but La Promesa is providing these children an education, feeding them, sharing love and hope, and giving them new opportunities! Javesca Feeds is so proud to serve this community and we hope you will consider helping us in making sure everyone here is fed. 

Large-Scale Food Distributions In Guatemala


Earlier this year in Javesca Feeds’ large scale food distributions in Guatemala, we donated 8,200 pounds  of food to 470 families in 4 villages. This fed 2,350 people for over 2 weeks! With the disastrous volcano eruption in June 2018, with help from generous donors, we mobilized our local partners to help provide relief to displaced and suffering families who are likely to need help for the long-term. Learn more about this effort and how to help.


This year, our goal is to do even more. Will you help?