Our goal in Charlotte is simple. Everyone is fed. 

Ongoing Feeding Efforts In Charlotte

Groceries to Assist Survivors of Human Trafficking in Their Transition Toward Independence

Javesca Feeds is privileged to support survivors of human trafficking in Charlotte and the Carolinas through our partnership launched in early 2019 with Justice Ministries. Our support provides weekly grocery gift cards to 4 women, which enables ongoing access to healthy food, while growing in budget management. This support also helps to foster their financial and nutritional well-being and to reduce vulnerability.

Justice Ministries aims to locate victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation, help them get out of their situation and into a safe place, facilitate an environment conducive to healing, and assist them in their transition to independence.





Families and Children in JT Williams and Reid Park Communities of Charlotte

Javesca Feeds is delighted to support the Charlotte Mecklenburg Dream Center as a local, front-line partner to feed local children and families in need in Charlotte-area communities. With our support, their Mobile Food Market was launched in the JT Williams neighborhood in June 2017, to bring fresh meat, vegetables, fruit, milk, bread and more to 30 families each time. These markets preserve individuals’ choices in the food they receive, and are held every-other-week in JT Williams.

In 2018, efforts extended to a second neighborhood through Reid Park Live events, held every-other-week to gather children and teens for meals and an interactive connection event! The mission of the Dream Center is to give hope to the hopeless. In collaboration with their founding partner, King’s Kitchen, they also provide meals to people who are homeless or living in food insecurity; they also provide clothing and other necessities, along with training, discipleship and opportunities for growth and employment.

Large-Scale Food Distributions In Charlotte


Last year in Javesca Feeds’ large scale food distributions in Charlotte, we donated hundreds of pounds of food to hundreds of families.


This year, our goal is to do even more. Will you help us?