Our goal in Burundi is simple. Everyone is fed. 

 Ongoing Feeding Efforts In Burundi


Before Javesca Feeds partnered with the small village of Busiga, nearly all of the 100 children in this village went to sleep on the ground with hunger burning in their stomachs. Parents worried whether their children would starve or survive. Anywhere between 2 and 6 children were dying every month due to lack of food.

Through our partnership with Harvest Initiatives, Javesca Feeds helps fuel an effort that provides each child in this village 2 meals daily! Our Harvest Outreach partners purchase the food locally and bring the food to the community with hearts of love and grace.  

We are thankful to be able to help these 194 children. Many more children in neighboring villages are still impacted by this extreme hunger. We can partner to make a difference! 


Shammah Temple Church, BUJUMBURA

How can a hospitalized patient heal without nutrition as part of their care?  It is hard to imagine, but meals are not provided by the hospital for patients receiving medical care; providing meals is the responsibility of the family.  If one does not have a family or if their family lacks access to food, they have no food.

We have partnered with Shammah Temple Church to provide nutritious meals to the sick and forgotten in the local public hospital. They are using funding from Javesca Feeds to acquire food locally, and provide up to 15 nutritious cooked meals every day, to feed as many as 5 patients in the local hospital who have no one to provide this care for them.

We are thrilled to be able to provide support that enables our local partners to feed and provide basic care to some of the patients who have no one to help them! The need at this hospital is greater than our current capacity to help, but together we can make a difference.

Large-Scale Food Distributions In Burundi


Last year Javesca Feeds’ supported 5 large-scale food distributions in Burundi, that provided thousands of pounds of food to 290 people in the village of Busiga. These families shared food received with 30 additional families in the surrounding community.


This year, our goal is to feed even more families in Burundi. We will be traveling with a mission team in November and participate in feeding local villages in and near Busiga and Bujumbura with our local partners there. Will you help us?