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Charlotte Mecklenburg Dream Center

Javesca Feeds is delighted to support the Charlotte Mecklenburg Dream Center as a local, front-line partner to feed local children and families in need and homeless individuals in two Charlotte-area communities. Since June 2017, we have partnered in a Mobile Food Market in the JT Williams neighborhood in June 2017, to bring fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, milk, bread and more to families living there every-other-week consistently. Reid Park Live  launched in 2018 to bring together kids and teens of Reid Park for an evening meal and fun activity. Their enduring presence makes a huge difference in these communities! The mission of the Dream Center is to give hope to the hopeless. In collaboration with the King’s Kitchen, they provide meals to people who are homeless or living in food insecurity. 

During COVID-19, collaborative efforts have shifted to deliver daily meals and groceries for families in JT Williams, Reid Park, and other communities including those who are homeless in uptown Charlotte.

CtK Food Pantry (Charlotte, NC)

We are grateful to partner with Christ the King Church Emergency Food Pantry to provide boxes of food for families locally in southwest Charlotte, Clover/Lake Wylie, SC and surrounding communities.

During the COVID-19 crisis, many in our community are suddenly out of work  and school need assistance to feed their families. The CtK Food Pantry is present and providing boxes of food, assistance with meals, fresh food, groceries, and household items in this time. 

Grace Community Church (Burundi)

GCC is our front-line feeding partner that serves and manages the feeding of 14 families near Bujumbura, Burundi. Through our ongoing support, they provide 2 weeks worth of rice, beans, oil, sugar, salt, and other food every-other-month in order to encourage sustainable improvements in nutrition and to empower families who struggle to access food for their families on an ongoing basis. This provides an important lift and safety net as they work toward educating and nurturing independence and self sustainability.  This team also provides periodic large-scale feeding for other families in their church and community.

As the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading, Bujumbura also was hit with major flooding due to heavy rains, causing many to lose their homes. GCC has increased the frequency and reach of food for families in this time.

Harvest Initiatives (Burundi)

Harvest Initiatives is our front-line feeding partner that currently manages and provides the feeding of Batwa children in the village of Busiga. The Batwa people are among the poorest, most vulnerable people in this impoverished country. Harvest Initiatives works to provide sustainable improvements in nutrition, housing, health, and education for these marginalized families. In addition to porridge for young children and elderly, our support also helps fund participation in school meal program providing 2 meals daily through the World Food Program.

Justice Ministries (Charlotte and the Carolinas)

Justice Ministries helps to rescue women victimized through human trafficking and connects them with care, safe housing, and starts them on a journey of healing, recovery and growth toward independence. Javesca Feeds is grateful to partner alongside by providing weekly groceries support for women who are transitioning after care toward independence. This effort helps them have secure and sustainable access to healthy food on a consistent basis during this vulnerable time and develop skills and experience in planning and budgeting.

La Promesa/Odres Nuevos (Guatemala)

Javesca Feeds joyfully partners with La Promesa, a school affiliated with Odres Nuevos church in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. Since 2016, we provide ongoing support for daily meals for each child, teacher, and staff member in La Promesa School. 

This team also has served to provide food/nutrition to families in times of crisis. During COVID-19, they initially shifted from providing daily meals at school to providing daily meals for families to have at home when schools closed. Through the generosity of our donors, they also have worked to deliver bulk supplies of food to sustain families during this crisis as families are sheltering at home and cannot work or attend school. This team also provided crisis food support to families displaced and impacted by the Volcan de Fuego eruption in 2018. 

Love Without Boundaries (Cambodia)

Javesca Feeds joyfully initiated a new partnership in 2020 with Love Without Boundaries (LWB) in Cambodia. LWB has established schools in two villages near the border with Thailand where children and families experience ongoing food insecurity and vulnerability due to poverty, low access to education and medical care, and high prevalence of human trafficking risk. Earlier this year, we partnered to provide a daily meal for the children at school.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the government closed the schools and the country borders. This impacted many who rely school meals and on day-labor for food. LWB quickly adapted and provided bulk supplies of rice and other nutrients for families to help sustain them through this time. 

Buy Coffee. Feed the World. Through our sister company, you can also help feed those in need every day through the coffee you drink! Every bag of  Javesca Coffee purchased also provides 4 meals for individuals living in persistent hunger. Javesca Feeds helps to administer the feeding supported through sales of Javesca Coffee.


The Rotary Community Garden of Gastonia

Javesca Feeds donated last fall in support of The Rotary Community Garden of Gastonia’s efforts to grow and provide fresh produce to feed hungry individuals and families in Gastonia. The garden brings together city leaders, youth, the faith community, and the less fortunate by planting for a purpose. We believe that healthy, nutritious foods like fresh produce serve an important function in addressing food insecurity and preventing malnutrition in our communities.

Shammah Temple Church (Burundi)

We have partnered to provide nutritious meals to the sick and forgotten in a public hospital in Burundi. Shammah Temple Church is using funding from Javesca Feeds to acquire food locally, prepare and provide up to 15 nutritious cooked meals every day for a year, to feed up to 5 patients in the local hospital who have no one to provide this care for them