Little Boy Determination


Excitement and determination hardly describe this young fellow whose family lives in the city dump of Chimaltenango, Guatemala. Nearly 60% – 80% of the population of Guatemala live in poverty and extreme poverty is increasing. 43% of children under age 5 suffer chronic malnutrition and 40% of families live on less than $1.50 a day. In places like the city dump it is much worse. The 25 pound bag of food given by Javesca Feeds was almost the same size as he was. He hoisted it up on his shoulder and took off carrying this prize back to his family home – a lean-to with pieces of tin and plastic salvaged from the dump. We watched, almost reverently as he ran through the smoky piles of garbage, stumbling and falling along the way from the weight of the food bag. Each time he would bend down and with determined strength lift the bag back on his shoulders and continue the journey until he was out of sight. This young boy reminds us every day why we do what we do and why we are so passionate to source and distribute more food and to create more partnerships with individuals and companies. Together, children are fed, communities are changed. Thank you for your support. 

A Cold Winter Morning in Charlotte

On a cold winter morning in Charlotte, Javesca Feeds showed up at the Urban Ministry Center where hundreds of homeless men and women gathered in the cold to get a bite to eat and a hot cup of coffee. For many, this is their life – day after day. They rely on the goodness of others for their next meal and the hope of a different life. That morning, Javesca Feeds brought lots of smiles, hugs and conversations. We were blessed to share in the lives of some amazing people with an inner strength to overcome. One in four children in North Carolina under age 18 are food insecure. We have a long way to go, but Javesca Feeds is committed to developing new partnerships and raising funds to changes these stats in communities. 

A Very Small Meal a Day is a Luxury


This little boy is nestled tightly against his mother in the bright colored woven fabric typical of the Batwa people in Burundi, Africa. Only 2% of the country has electricity. It is now the poorest country in the world with people in the Batwa tribes earning less than ten cents per day. To have one very small meal a day is a luxury. Most have none. Starvation and malnutrition are sadly the norm for over 3/4 of the people. In the picture you can see the top of a green bag. For the next month the family will eat. They, and hundreds of others, came to the village of Muranvya where Javesca Feeds provided over each family over 25 pounds of rice and beans. The need is ongoing. Your support continues the story. 

It Reminds Us of All that is Good in the World


The precious smile and bright eyes of a child remind us of all that is good in the world. It also hides a different concern of a very young mother who desperately tries to get food, shelter and medicine for her little ones. It is a daily struggle in rural farming villages like this one in Jocotillo, Guatemala. Nearly 60-80% of the population live in poverty and extreme poverty is increasing. 43% of children under five suffer chronic malnutrition and 40% of families live on less than a $1.50 per day. The next month of food is secure for this beautiful little girl and her mother and family as they and hundreds of others received food from Javesca Feeds. The story and the need continue. Thank you for your support. 

His Smile Huge. His Eyes Engaging. 


This young boy in Muranvya, Burundi was curious. His smile huge. His eyes engaging. He wanted to know more as he climbed down the red dirt hill to get a glimpse of the Javesca Feeds team arriving. We could not share the language, but we could share the love as we played, laughed and hugged. How could he be happy when he has never owned a toothbrush; has only the clothes on his body, sleeps on dirt and is lucky to have a cup of porridge as food for the day? But God gave him friends, hope, thankfulness for life and today a lot of food from Javesca Feeds for him and his family. The story continues. Thank you for making a difference. 

One Hundred Children are Being Fed Every Day for the Entire Year


These children in this village of Busiga in Burundi won the lottery! Unlike most in their village, they get to go to school and have two meals a day of hot porridge. Through Javesca Feeds’ support, 100 children are being fed every day for the entire year. In a village where two children a month had been dying from starvation, there have been no deaths from starvation since this feeding partnership began. We are overjoyed by this news. But, there is simply not enough food and not enough funding yet to support all of the children in this village. Those older than seven years old look longingly over the fence and through the gate for a glimpse of the lucky ones. They hope their day will come soon. Can we feed them all? Yes, we can together, with your support. 

The Red Shirt is the Only One He Has 


He stands a little wary of the strangers arriving in his community of Busiga, Burundi. The red shirt is the only one he has. His entire family lives in a four foot high by 5 foot wide house of sticks and thatch. School is not considered in this village, neither is a bath as the water source is a long way away and is only carried into drink or water a crop. In this village infant mortality is high. The averages life span is less than 40 years. Life is hard! This little boy, like the rest, is very small – a victim of severe malnutrition and starvation. There is simply not enough access to food to be grown or received. Javesca Feeds is partnering with Harvest Outreach to bring sustainable help in villages like these. You can make it possible. Thank you for your support. 

They Work Hard Each Day, Hoping for One Good Meal


A little uncertain of the camera, these two Mayan siblings watch from the hillside as their mother receives a free medical exam and a months supply of food for her family from Javesca Feeds. The climate in this elevation of Guatemala is cool. Children in rural villages like these in Jocotillo, Guatemala don’t go to school, most of the clothes are made at home. To have a tin roof that does not leak into your ten foot by ten foot dirt floor home is a luxury. They work hard each day, hoping for one good meal. Nearly 60-80% of the population of Guatemala lives in poverty and extreme poverty is increasing. 43% of children under 5 suffer chronic malnutrition and 40% of families live on less than $1.50 a day. Javesca Feeds is seeking to make a difference. Thank you for your help.